As children go through the challenging battle of cancer treatment they need more than just medicine. Therapeutic treatments are proven to increase treatment success and at Love Your Melon we are dedicated to providing this relief for children by creating an adventure they will never forget. We are able to take them on a helicopter, plane, boat or limo ride. Love Your Melon hats allow us the opportunity to get to know these amazing kids personally and learn more about how we can make a difference. 

The Importance of Therapeutic Adventures

Current treatments for childhood cancers include surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. These treatments have been effective in recent years, increasing the cure rate for childhood cancers drastically. Though these medical treatments are often successful, they are extensive and come with many consequences to children’s quality of life. With these consequences and long periods of time spent in the hospital, children need additional therapeutic treatments. Entertainment and distraction can go a long way in a child’s recovery process. It can decrease their stress levels and create positive thoughts that improve their chance of survival. According to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, therapeutic treatment may boost the immune system, stimulate the heart and lungs, relax muscles, relieve pain and balance blood pressure. Therapeutic treatments help make children battling cancer comfortable and provide the opportunity for them to talk to their friends and family about positive experiences, rather than negative ones that involve the pain they are going through. 


Zach Sobiech was an amazing individual and we are proud to say a good friend to us. As Zach was going through his treatment, we asked him a question: What do you want to do before you die? Zach told us he wanted to go up into the "clouds." With just weeks to live, we were able to take Zach up on a helicopter ride. After seeing the impact this had on him, we decided to do adventures for as many children as possible.   "You don't have to find out you're dying to start living." - Zach Sobiech (1995-2013)