Love Your Melon has reserved more than 45,000 hats to donate to children battling cancer in the United States as part of its original buy-one, give-one program. This is a rolling approximate number of children currently undergoing cancer treatment in America. Each year, we will give more than 15,000 hats to these children in hopes to put smiles on their faces and create a therapeutic experience. In order to do this, we have created donations events where ambassadors and Love Your Melon crew members dress up like superheroes and visit hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses around the nation to hand-deliver each hat.

To request a donation event at a specific location, please email


 Who else has been a part of the journey?


Celebrities have joined the mission to help give away hats and further create a therapeutic experience for the children. Musicians, artists, actors and significant figures go into the hospitals across the country with Love Your Melon and use their talents to create smiles on the faces of children battling cancer. If you are one of these individuals and would like join the story please email for more information.


Professional Athletes 

Professional athletes around the country have stepped off the field and into the hospital to join the mission! Children love meeting their favorite athletes and it creates a therapeutic experience never to be forgotten. If you or your team would like to be a part of the story please email for more information.