Lewis University Superhero Donation Event

The Lewis University Love Your Melon Campus Crew donated hats to the kiddos at Loyola Medical Center last week. Taylor Foytik, Crew Captain at Lewis University shared her experience during the donation event.

“The Lewis University Love Your Melon Campus Crew visited the Ronald McDonald Children’s Hospital at Loyola Medical Center in Illinois last Thursday. The Crew had a blast hand delivering hats to each child and seeing the smiles spread across their faces. Each ambassador on our Crew personally signed a Captain America shield to leave in the hospital’s playroom. When I asked the Crew what the gift meant to them, they explained that it was much more than a shield. To them, it represented that the real super powers are in the hope and smiles of the smallest superheroes fighting the toughest battles. Covered with the Crew’s favorite quotes and lots of love, the shield is a constant reminder to the kids at Loyola that they are not in this fight alone and will always be Love Your Melon’s favorite superheroes.”



September 22, 2015
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