Camden - The True Superhero

“Camden was diagnosed with leukemia (ALL) on August 29, 2011. That day forever changed the course of our lives. Camden has always been such a wonderful child. He hardly ever complains about anything. The week before he was diagnosed, he had been very ill. I took him to the pediatrician three times within the week. The final visit was the morning of the 29th. The doctor assured me that he would be alright and he was just hit very hard by a virus. I said to the doctor, ‘why is he so lifeless and pale and not getting any better?’ She told me to ease my mind, that she would do a finger prick. Camden's hemoglobin ended up coming back as level IV, which was critical for us to take him to the hospital. I turned to the doctor, and she said, 'I am so sorry, you’ll need to take him now to Children’s.’ That was our first trip of countless ones. At that time, we never knew that the hospital would become our second home, and how different we would live from then on.” - Camden’s Mother

Camden’s love for superheroes is so inspiring, as we all know he is the true superhero!

August 03, 2015
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