St. Cloud State LYM Campus Crew visits Superhero Lillia!

Say hello to our rockstar, Lillia! The St. Cloud State University Love Your Melon Campus Crew visited Lillia to give her a fun break from the cancer treatments and different therapies she goes through everyday. Lillia was was diagnosed with medulloblastoma (brain cancer) in October 2015 and has since gone through 3 surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy with many more months of treatments. 

The Crew had a blast with this energetic warrior! Lillia loves horses, doing crafts, and the colors pink and purple. She is a true superhero fighting her cancer with laughter and smiles. 

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Love Your Melon

November 27, 2016

Leo's Leukemia is in Remission!

Meet Leo. A few months back, Leo was brought to his pediatrician for a limp on one side that just wasn't going away. After his appointment, the phone call came to bring Leo into the local children's hospital immediately to be tested for leukemia. Just the next day, Leo was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). 

Today, Leo's smiling face is a beautiful sign of hope - his leukemia is in remission! Leo's family is very thankful they caught it early and he is doing well. He will continue with chemotherapy treatments to kick cancer's butt for good!

July 11, 2016

Aleesha's Cancer Free!

Aleesha, Ambassador at the University of Nebraska–Omaha, has been cancer free for 3 years! We are honored she has joined the Love Your Melon movement.

"I don’t know if people truly know how much of an impact Love Your Melon and similar organizations can have on a pediatric cancer patient. Knowing there are people out there who are constantly cheering you on and supporting you makes going through cancer a little bit easier. And if that’s the overall goal, to support and help kids who were just like me, how could I not support Love Your Melon?"

–Aleesha, Campus Crew Ambassador, 
University of Nebraska Omaha Love Your Melon Crew


March 04, 2016

Aiden's Leukemia Fight

Meet Aiden! This little munchkin just turned three years old and stole the hearts of our CSU Channel Islands Love Your Melon Campus Crew Members. Aiden was diagnosed with leukemia and is now going through his 4th round of chemotherapy. 

Aiden is a true superhero, and doesn't let anything stop him from being silly and telling jokes! Help us show Aiden and his family some love by commenting below!

Aiden's Leukemia Fight

February 28, 2016

Super-kiddo Emma

This cutie's name is Emma! Emma has been in and out of hospitals since July enduring many different tests and stresses to her little body.

Throughout everything, Emma still keeps smiling! Let's come together to show Emma and her family that we are thinking about her during this tough time. Comment below!



February 24, 2016

Princess Emmery

This two-year-old princess's name is Emmery! Last September doctors found two different types of cancerous tumors in her little body. Emmery has fought through 4 intense rounds of chemotherapy and 2 major abdominal surgeries.

This cutie hasn't let any of the things she has gone through dampen her spirit! She loves Mickey Mouse, loves to sing, color and read books.

Let's all show Emmery some love and support by leaving a comment below to make her smile!

Team Emme

Team Emme

February 13, 2016

Brylee Joy's Superhero Household Visit

Author: Claire Farmer, University of California–Los Angeles Campus Crew Captain



Imagine waking up and knowing that today you are about to do something incredible. Thinking back to our visit with Brylee, the most overwhelming emotion that comes to mind is pure happiness—a feeling that comes from seeing someone radiate joy from the inside out. I wish I could say that our visit with Brylee was something she’ll never forget (and maybe it will be!), but in truth, visiting Brylee was something the members of the UCLA LYM crew and I will cherish forever.

She was energetic from the moment we walked in and inspired our entire crew. During the hour we spent with Brylee, we painted pictures, listened to her stories, and got to hear her sing one of her favorite Taylor Swift songs. - Meg Hauer, Crew Secretary
Brylee was diagnosed with stage IV Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer on October 15th, 2015. With cancer residing in her nasal cavity, the bottom of her brain, left eye, and lungs, Brylee has faced obstacles most five-year-olds would not understand. Though challenges have been ever-present for Brylee throughout the past couple of months, her endearing smile and upbeat attitude have persisted through it all. It is now three months into her treatment and Brylee has finished 24 rounds of radiation, in addition to just starting her eight-month span of chemotherapy. As daunting as that sounds, Brylee is kicking cancer’s butt and inspiring everyone with her positive personality along the way.
Visiting Brylee this past weekend was one of the best experiences I have ever had. She is such a positive, spunky, hilarious little girl, and I find her story absolutely inspiring. Knowing that I have the opportunity to be involved in the lives of kids like Brylee through Love Your Melon makes me feel proud and excited, as I know that this organization truly makes a difference for these little fighters and their families. - Sheila Sharma, Vice Captain

Currently, Brylee is undergoing treatment at Mattel Children’s Hospital here at UCLA, and although her family is waiting for scans to check her progress, the doctors have a feeling that our little superhero is getting stronger!

The UCLA Love Your Melon Campus Crew had the opportunity to visit Brylee and her parents before she began her chemotherapy. As soon as we opened the door and Brylee saw how many people had come to hang out with her, she was overjoyed. You would think that anyone in her position—at any age—wouldn’t have the energy to entertain eight college kids, but Brylee isn’t just anyone. She kept us guessing with spontaneous dance moves and little surprise jokes. At one point, when our Vice Captain Sheila wasn’t looking, Brylee stealthily scurried behind her—motioning to the rest of us with a sneaky “shh!”—and completely surprised Sheila! We spent the rest of the visit painting with Brylee and figuring out what makes her smile.

Brylee was so excited to see our crew and her positive energy and spirit was truly amazing to witness. From the moment we walked in the door to when we left there was a huge smile beaming on her face. She was such a special girl to visit and our crew will remember this day forever. We love you Brylee! - Rachel O’Brien, PR Manager

I cannot emphasize enough how much this experience has made my heart full with happiness. I am beyond honored and appreciative to be able to say that I am personally helping to spread the mission of Love Your Melon. Sometimes people don’t notice the impact that one beanie can have, but seeing Brylee’s face light up at the sight of our crew is a lovely reminder as to why we fight towards ending Pediatric Cancer. 


For more information about Brylee Joy's Journey, visit her Facebook page here!

January 26, 2016

Product Release

We are very excited to show you the first sneak peek into our next product release Monday, February 1st! Keep an eye on our social media sites this week for more updates on the release, you won't want to miss this!


Product Release:
Monday, February 1, 2016

January 22, 2016

Request a Hat for a Child Battling Cancer

Say hello to Faith! Faith is a 6-year-old superhero who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia last February. Faith received her Love Your Melon beanie to help keep her head warm and cozy while her hair grows back!

Love Your Melon

You can Request a Hat for a child battling cancer to personally help us donate a hat to every child battling cancer in America!

January 22, 2016

Prayers for Ellie Walton

Don't let this kiddo's size fool you, she is one incredible warrior. Meet Ellie! At just four months old, Ellie was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor that has completely changed her life.

7 rounds of chemotherapy and 17 surgeries later, Ellie's bravery shines through her smile! Leave a comment below to help keep her smile big and spirits high!

Prayers for Ellie Walton

January 19, 2016